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Easter Basket Alternative

How cute are these Easter boots?! Not only are they adorable, but they’re practical. You also don’t need as much candy and toys in order to fill them well. Read more

DIY Easy Blanket Ladder for $11

This project is fairly easy and could be finished over the weekend. It only cost me $11 in materials to make! Granted I already own the necessary tools and had the screws and sand paper. However, screws and sand paper would only bump you up to about $15. That’s still super cheap.  Read more

Valentine’s Day Oreo Layer Jar Desserts

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I absolutely love this dessert! It’s so easy and so delicious. The following recipe is for a regular 9×11 cake pan, but I did mine in eight 4 oz jars and put what I had left into my cake pan. It works out really well either way. Read more

DIY No-Sew Blanket Scarf

This has to be the easiest DIY project I’ve ever done. It only took a few minutes and the total cost was about $13. All you need is flannel, scissors, and a tape measure. Read more

DIY: Easy Skinny Jean Makeover

I’ve done this same makeover on several pairs of jeans. It’s super easy.
Here is what you’ll need: Read more

DIY: Antler Coat Rack

For this DIY I used an elk antler shed. We happen to have plenty of these lying around our house since my husband likes to hunt and hike a lot. Every time he finds a shed on the ground, he brings it home. I love them so I’m ok with it. Read more

DIY Skincare: Healthier Skin for a Fraction of the Cost

I’ve used a lot of different products over the years to clean my face. Some worked for a while and some never worked at all. I’ve struggled with acne, blackheads, blemishes, oily skin, dry skin… You name it!
One day I was on the phone with my sister talking about spending money on skin care products that didn’t work and how I couldn’t afford the expensive stuff. She suggested some of what I’m about to share with you and I’ve included a few of my own additions as well. This routine will save you TONS of money on skincare products! Read more