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My Journey to Self-Care and Staying Hydrated: One Month Follow-Up

A little over a month ago I had started focusing more on my hydration. I was very dehydrated on a regular basis. Sometimes only drinking about 8oz. of water over the course of 3 days! After experiencing some serious flank pain I decided to finally get my hydration under control for the first time in my life. Read more

Pursuing Dreams

I’m one of those people who appears to be all over the place with my personal endeavors. From an outside perspective I’m sure I look somewhat flaky and inconsistent to some people. A long time ago when speaking to a friend I had stated that I wished I could just get paid to be me. Make a living being myself. I had no idea how that would ever be possible. It just didn’t seem like a realistic goal at the time. Looking back I’ve realize that in pursuing my dreams that is exactly what I’m going for. Making a living doing something I absolutely love. Read more

My Journey to Self-Care and Staying Hydrated: Week One

Everyone knows how important it is to drink enough water. The effects of dehydration can be anywhere from mild or moderate to seriously life-threatening. However, it’s probably safe to say that most of us don’t drink as much as we should. I wasn’t even aware of how many symptoms I was having nor how many things can cause dehydration. Your body is roughly 75% water and 25% solid matter. Water is the key to regulating all of the functions of the body. Read more

4 Steps to Easy Goal Setting

Happy New Year everyone! I’m so excited to start 2017 with my new blog, so welcome aboard. Let’s do this thing!

Every New Year we tend to reflect upon the previous twelve months. The good, the great, and the not so great. It feels like a clean slate. The start of a newer, better you. (Although, in reality, nothing has changed besides the number on the calendar.) We resolve to be better versions of ourselves each year, which is great, until we set goals that only last a few weeks because they become daunting and seem unattainable or unrealistic. Don’t get me wrong, DREAM BIG! However, breaking your goals down will make the process of achieving them much simpler. Read more