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Pursuing Dreams

I’m one of those people who appears to be all over the place with my personal endeavors. From an outside perspective I’m sure I look somewhat flaky and inconsistent to some people. A long time ago when speaking to a friend I had stated that I wished I could just get paid to be me. Make a living being myself. I had no idea how that would ever be possible. It just didn’t seem like a realistic goal at the time. Looking back I’ve realize that in pursuing my dreams that is exactly what I’m going for. Making a living doing something I absolutely love. Read more

How to Plan Your Budget as a Couple

“Plan your budget together and start before you even get married”…. This was the best piece of advice my husband and I have ever received, hands down! Money is one of the most common issues that couples fight about. Why not reduce the risk by getting on the same page as soon as possible? It’s never too late to start either. Read more